I have been depressed for a decade at almost total volume loss in my face, I looked about 70 in my late 50s.

I stopped socialising and was completely stripped of my self confidence, never even looking at men, and they did not look at me.

I am a hermit as I can’t bear the nasty comments any more. So I found Dr Adam and chose him because he is a paediatric surgeon now retired, and I knew I would be safe in his hands, rather than some beauty shop with questionable practitioners.

I am not rich at all, but I am moving heaven and earth to have these fillers, as the self esteem gained is priceless indeed. Absolutely priceless.

Dr Adam is the sweetest kindest man, and he is so skilled that I felt nothing! He uses a little lidocane and that does not even hurt!

I had lip fillers once from a garage practictioner and the pain was horrendours, and I realise what a risk I took doing that now.

I am lucky I got no vascular occlusion, with Dr Adam I know I am safe.

Go to him!